2/8/2015 LAC Testifies before Senate Business and Labor Committee on New HOA Laws

Friday, March 6, 2015 | posted by Mindy Knudsen 1:25 PM

The LAC testified before the Senate Business and Labor committee last week regarding new HOA laws in Utah. HB 99 will require condominium, townhome, HOA, PUD, and homeowner associations to all open their board of directors’, management committee’, or board of trustees’ meetings to owners. The LAC answered questions about the law and addressed concerns of Senators that the law does not go far enough in protecting the rights of owners to attend board member meetings. The LAC then explained that the law is a first step and that the industry does not want to create to much of a burden on managers or associations, while nonetheless preserving the right of an owner to attend board meetings. House Bill 99 is sponsored by representative Mike Shultz in District 12. HB 99 originated in the local Utah Chapter and was the product of almost three years of discussion among managers, owners in HOAs, board members, HOA attorneys, and other industry vendors and participants.

Read HB 99

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