2/4/2015 HB 98 Passes the House and Moves to the Senate

Friday, March 6, 2015 | posted by Mindy Knudsen 1:19 PM

House Bill 98 (HB 98) just passed the house and has been refered to the Utah Senate for Consideration.  HB 98 contains some compromise legislation on landlord/HOA issues and also contains a substantial revision to the HOA fine laws for both condominiums and for homeowners associations governed by the Community Association Act. These provisions allow commercial condominium associations to assess fines for the first time in Utah.The new fine changes also clarify continuing verses repeated violations, the content of warning and fine letters, the procedures related to the issuance of fines and warnings, and the right of board members and owners to attend fine hearings remotely. These fine changes are good for associations and owners.

Read HB 98

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