2/25/2015 HB 99 (HOA Open Meetings Bill) One Step Closer to Having a Bite!

Friday, March 6, 2015 | posted by Mindy Knudsen 1:53 PM

SB 118 was amended and substituted today to include an after-the-fact change to HB 99, the HOA open meetings bill that recently passed both houses of the Utah Legislature and is waiting for the governor’s signature. If the governor signs it, HB 99 will require HOAs to have most board meetings and management committee meetings open to all owners and will require notice of most of those meetings to owners who request notice. Consistent with the desires of the Utah Senate, a provision was added to SB 118 that will modify the new HOA open meeting law to provide for a notice, right to cure, and cause of action for an owner against an HOA that refuses to comply with the open meeting laws. This cause of action will allow an owner to recover a $500 minimum damage amount, an order that the association comply, and attorney fees if an HOA ignores the new open meeting requirements after a warning from the owner.

Read HB 99

Read SB 118S02

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