2/15/2015 Utah HB 304 – Utility Cutoff Legislation for HOAs – Finally Gets a Number

Friday, March 6, 2015 | posted by Mindy Knudsen 1:29 PM

Community Associations with units that share walls (condominiums and townhomes) frequently run into problems when an owner fails to pay utility bills and allows the heat to be shut off in the middle of the winter. The pipes sometimes freeze and burst causing damage in that unit and others nearby.

House Bill (HB) 304 is an attempt to help solve that problem. In short, it would allow HOAs to give notice to the power and gas company and require them to: (1) give notice to the association if they intend to shut off power or gas to a unit, and (2) allow the association to pay the bill if it wants to keep the heat on.  It also clarifies the right of the association to enter any unit for the purpose of winterizing the unit if the association receives notice that the power or gas are going to be shutoff and the the association elects not to pay the bills.

This bill is another effort by the Utah CAI Legislative Action Committee with the help of Representative Dixon Pitcher.

Read HB 304

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