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Utah LAC Recap of 2009 Legislative Activities

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 posted by admin 5:42 PM

UCIOA:     We were unable to complete a revised draft of UCIOA, after modifications by the Legislative drafters, in time for the session. The Utah LAC’s lobbying efforts on behalf of UCIOA increased visibility and credibility with key members of the Legislature.

Foreclosure – HB 10: This was basically the same bill as HB 400 in the 2008 session. The Utah LAC worked diligently to encourage the bills sponsor to look at alternatives. The bill died in the House without the Utah LAC’s support.

Rental Restrictions on Condominiums and Common Interest Communities -HB 243: An association may restrict and completely ban the non-owner occupancy of units, subject to the initial declaration or a properly amended declaration. Restrictions on non-owner occupancy added after the association is formed by less than a unanimous consent of the owners, must be in the Declaration and must have certain exceptions required by the statute.

Committee members were instrumental in forming an alliance with the bills sponsor and the banking industry both to modify the legislation and to add a provision regarding amendments to documents requiring mortgage approval. The new provision provides that approval is deemed granted if mortgagees do not respond in a set time period.

The bill passed and was signed into law with the support of the Utah LAC.

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Utah Common Interest Ownership Act (UCIOA)

Friday, August 21, 2009 posted by admin 3:54 PM

After a brief summer break the Joint Committee resumed meetings. Excellent progress is being made. The first sections are now with Utah State Legislature Drafting. We expect to finish the bill by the end of the summer and with support from the building industry, Realtors, our lobbyist, and your grass roots support, are confident of getting it passed during the 2010 session.

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LAC Leadership – Present and Future

Friday, August 21, 2009 posted by admin 2:24 PM

Marla Mott-Smith will be passing on the LAC chairmanship as of September 1. Marla says, “The honor of serving as chair for over two years and working with a very effective committee, all of whom have contributed uniquely, has been a rewarding experience. I want to thank and acknowledge each of the committee.”

David Houston, Vice Chair; Michael Miller, Secretary; Michael Johnson, Treasurer; Bruce Jenkins, chief UCIOA drafter; committee members Dale Cromar, LuAnn Gowans, Sabine Liedel, John Morris, Jerry Jensen,  and Derek Tarries.

My thanks also to those not on the committee (Friends of LAC) who have contributed time and financial support to see that those who reside in common interest communities and those who service them are represented in our legislature. Our Utah Chapter has stepped up to the plate with financial support. When you renew your CAI membership, you contribute Advocacy Fees which support the Utah LAC and LACs throughout the nation.

At our August 20 meeting, LAC honored Rolf Berger, founding chair of the Utah LAC, for taking the initiative in getting us started and beginning the UCIOA process.

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