2012 Legislative Update

Thursday, April 19, 2012 | posted by Mindy Knudsen 1:49 PM

This year the ULAC succeeded in again defending against a condominium ombudsman bill that would have greatly increased legal expenses for associations.  We made great strides this year in drafting significant additional changes to the laws applicable to community associations and we are working right now to prepare that legislation for passage in the 2013 session. 

This proposed legislation will include updates to the recently passed insurance provisions, additional provisions that flesh out the Community Association Act, modifications to reconcile the fine provisions in the Community Association Act and the Condominium Ownership Act, and possibly a requirement for manager licensing and education.   

 You now have the opportunity to help ULAC better prepare for the upcoming legislative year. With the assistance of your financial contribution, we are able to pay for and maintain a lobbyist and continue to enhance our efforts to promote and pass sensible legislation affecting community associations in Utah.  We can continue to increase our effectiveness in supporting and passing good legislation for community associations.  

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