• Approximately 670,000 Utahns live in 257,000 homes in nearly 3,320 community associations.
  • Legislative Action Committees (LACs) exist to represent the interests of, and to provide regular communications to the Community Associations Institute (CAI) members and chapters located within their boundaries with respect to state legislative, regulatory, and amicus curiae activities of relevance to the creation and operation of community associations.
  • LAC is a non-profit, nonpartisan committee.
  • Utah LAC delegates are nominated by the Board of Utah CAI and by the Utah LAC.  LAC delegates volunteer their time and energy to benefit CAI members.
  • Is comprised of association homeowners, directors and professionals.
  • Is not a Political Action Committee (PAC), and makes no financial contributions.
  • Depends solely on the donations of the community associations and the professionals who serve HOA members and Boards.
  • The Utah LAC supports the “Rights and Responsibilities” and “Community Association Governance Guidelines” of the Community Associations Institute.