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Post Legislative Update Webinar

Friday, April 24, 2015 posted by Mindy Knudsen 2:23 PM

You can view UCCAI’s Post Legislative Webinar to learn how new laws and changes made during the 2015 legislative session will impact your Utah community and the HOA industry from our Utah Legislative Action Committee panelists.


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HB 98 signing photo John Morris

Governor Herbert signed the ceremonial copy of H.B. 98 today at the Capitol. LAC member John Morris of Morris Sperry, members of the apartment association, and the sponsor Representative Gage Froerer attended. John Morris appeared representing the LAC, members of whom worked on this bill. This new HOA law in Utah further defines the relationship between landlords in condominium associations and community associations. It also adds needed clarity to the law applicable to HOA fines and warning letters. The LAC worked hard on this bill and it represents a good compromise between all of the interests involved.

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Governor Signs Last Remaining HOA Bill – S.B. 118

Thursday, April 9, 2015 posted by Mindy Knudsen 12:17 PM

The governor signed the remaining new HOA law, S.B. 118, on the last day allowed. Significant changes to the procedure for requesting association documents now takes effect along with help for association amendments and the fine and attorney fee provision for associations who fail to comply with the new open meeting laws. All of the new 2015 condominium laws and PUD laws will now take effect.

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Governor Herbert signed three more new condo laws and new community association laws. H.B. 98 dealing with association rentals and fines will become law. S.B. 80 making minor modifications to the reserve statute will become law. Finally, S.B. 218 making significant changes the the revised nonprofit corporations act will become law.

Read HB 98

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Governor Gary Herbert signed H.B. 304 into law. H.B. 304 contains important new homeowners association laws and condo laws that will help associations minimize damage from flooding and freezing pipes. In short, the bill now allows community associations to give notice the electric and gas companies, stating that the association wants notice before the utility shuts off either electrical or natural gas service. Upon receiving notice from the gas or electric company, the condominium association or HOA can take action to winterize the unit or pay the utilities so that the pipes don’t freeze. The LAC successfully introduced this bill in an effort to help with this destructive problem.

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