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Funding LAC – Money Talk

Saturday, August 29, 2009 posted by admin 5:40 PM

We all get tired of money talk. It seems to consume a lot of time and energy and there is never enough money (not talk), especially in these times. Here is a pitch to include LAC in your money talks:

•    We need to fund our professional lobbyist for the 2010 legislative session.
•    We need to pay transportation costs to bring our southern Utah LAC members to Salt Lake City for negotiating sessions.
•    We need to communicate more effectively with you, our constituency, and be prepared to quickly initiate grass roots campaigns when issues arise. That involves funding a good website and newsletter.
•    We need to hold an event during the legislative session so that legislators and other influential groups learn who we are and what we are about.

We were fortunate that last year many Southern Utah Communities made donations to LAC, including AOPC, a Southern Utah organizations made up of communities for the purpose of lobbying local government. They saw the need for political representation on a state wide basis and agreed with the LAC goals. I challenge Northern Utah Communities, to set aside at least $1 per unit as a donation to the Utah LAC. After all, there are more communities in the North.

Last year many business partners  generously contributed. We need you to do so again this year and ask your colleagues to do the same.

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LAC Homeowner Association Insurance Sub Committee

Friday, August 21, 2009 posted by admin 3:59 PM

A subcommittee met of comprised of over 30 insurance professionals and Senator Michael Waddoups, Speaker of the Utah Senate. The goal was to educate, understand and solicit input on the insurance provisions of UCIOA.

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Utah Common Interest Ownership Act (UCIOA)

Friday, August 21, 2009 posted by admin 3:54 PM

After a brief summer break the Joint Committee resumed meetings. Excellent progress is being made. The first sections are now with Utah State Legislature Drafting. We expect to finish the bill by the end of the summer and with support from the building industry, Realtors, our lobbyist, and your grass roots support, are confident of getting it passed during the 2010 session.

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LAC Delegate Applications and Vacancies

Friday, August 21, 2009 posted by admin 2:52 PM

John Richards, Beat Kozinowski and Lamond Woods, all Business Partner Members of CAI have been nominated by LAC to serve two-year terms as LAC Delegates, pending approval by CAI National.

The chapter has approved additional two year terms for Marla Mott-Smith, Michael Johnson and LuAnn Gowans. LuAnn and Marla Mott-Smith represent the Community Association Volunteer Leader Category. Michael represents the Manager category.

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LAC Leadership – Present and Future

Friday, August 21, 2009 posted by admin 2:24 PM

Marla Mott-Smith will be passing on the LAC chairmanship as of September 1. Marla says, “The honor of serving as chair for over two years and working with a very effective committee, all of whom have contributed uniquely, has been a rewarding experience. I want to thank and acknowledge each of the committee.”

David Houston, Vice Chair; Michael Miller, Secretary; Michael Johnson, Treasurer; Bruce Jenkins, chief UCIOA drafter; committee members Dale Cromar, LuAnn Gowans, Sabine Liedel, John Morris, Jerry Jensen,  and Derek Tarries.

My thanks also to those not on the committee (Friends of LAC) who have contributed time and financial support to see that those who reside in common interest communities and those who service them are represented in our legislature. Our Utah Chapter has stepped up to the plate with financial support. When you renew your CAI membership, you contribute Advocacy Fees which support the Utah LAC and LACs throughout the nation.

At our August 20 meeting, LAC honored Rolf Berger, founding chair of the Utah LAC, for taking the initiative in getting us started and beginning the UCIOA process.

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